My Progess

Your personal Active Dashboard

For employees of member companies, the My Progress dashboard displays an employee's personal stats and progress along the path towards better health and wellbeing. 

Are you active enough?

It's hard to be objective about our levels of activity, so we help employees learn the truth using a free tracking tool Strava. Active Teams crunches the numbers, revealing how Active we actually are - and whether we need to do more. 

Personal Active Score

My Active Score reveals if an employee is Active enough to maintain a healthy body and mind. Other analysis helps us understand and appreciate the impact of our efforts. 

Active Minutes

Different activity types bring different health benefits. We analyse an employee's activities, drawing a custom display showing how they're spending their time being Active. The more colours the better!

Consistency is key

Employees learn how consistent they are over the year. Every month where a person achieves the NHS goal is marked with an Active Teams.