Our Active Team

Your company health & activity dashboard

For member companies, the Active Team dashboard displays live employee and company progress along the path towards better health and wellbeing. 

Employee health & wellbeing

Learn how your colleagues like to stay Active and maintain a healthy body & mind - wherever they are based. 

Company progress

Gauge the health and wellbeing of your company. See the combined effect of all your colleagues efforts as they strive to improve their physical and mental fitness. 

The time we spend being active

We care about the time employees spend being Active. Active Teams is focused around the NHS and WHO activity level guidelines for adults. Concentrating on time makes Active Teams inclusive for everyone of all abilities, interests & experience.    

The health of your company

Our activity levels indicate our health and wellbeing. Learn how many employees are currently Active and to what level. See the total distance and activities this month. Eco Score indicates the environmental benefits of human powered, rather than car travel. 

Businesses are built on relationships

'On the move' helps you learn about your colleagues lives and how they're improving their health and wellbeing.

Find out who enjoys the same activities as you, and who doesn't! This is where you learn that Sean has started Kung Fu and Tim does the school run in the morning.

Employee insights

Learn how your employees are being Active this month. This beautiful live chart grows and develops each month, reflecting employees' lives and habits.

The truth about exercise

We evolved to be Active throughout the day, not to exercise. Most of us need some help to exercise and be Active. Encouragement from friends and colleagues, nudges, incentives and the occasional shove are all important drivers.

Active Teams shows in black and white just how close or far we are from achieving the NHS activity guidelines. Everyone deserves and receives encouragement, regardless of their activity levels.