Active employees make healthy companies. Active Teams helps companies encourage employees to lead more Active lives. 

Healthy bodies

Becoming more Active gives us more energy, reduces our risks from serious illness, improves our quality of life and helps us live longer.

Healthy minds

Becoming more Active improves our mental health and helps us cope better with stress and anxiety.

How Active Teams works

Active Teams helps employees learn how Active they really are & how Active they need to be to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Track your progress

We’ve designed Active Teams to be a level playing field in regards peoples’ fitness. It’s based on the minutes of activity that people do, rather than how far or fast you go. Using Active Minutes means a 30 minute walk, workout, swim or yoga session all get the same recognition.

Our Active Team

Our company Active dashboards bring employees closer together.

Our habits are influenced by our friends, family and colleagues. By learning how much activity we do and how much activity our colleagues do we can set goals to become more Active. We can improve our own and our colleagues physical and mental wellbeing in many ways.


Find out how how we bring employees together to improve their physical and mental fitness.