Active Teams encourages employees to lead more active lives, creating healthier employees and stronger teams.

Healthier Employees

Becoming more active reduces risks from many serious diseases including cancer and diabetes, gives us more energy, improves quality of life and helps people live longer. Being active is central to our mental health, helping reduce and manage depression, stress and anxiety.

Stronger Teams

Active Teams helps employees develop stronger relationships with colleagues, improving collaboration and coordination. Our team challenges can strengthen existing employee relationships or help develop new relationships across departments.

How Active Teams works

Active Teams helps employees learn if they are being active enough for good health and are encouraged to create long term healthy habits. Active Teams then boosts workplace wellbeing through inclusive and fun team activity challenges.

Team Challenges

Our activity challenges and team competitions are incredibly successful at creating stronger teams and motivating staff to achieve the NHS goal of 150 minutes of moderate activity each week.

We have monthly challenges for all employees of companies using Active Teams and bespoke challenges for individual teams and companies.

Our challenges are entertaining and designed to appeal to a wide range of employees, however they like to move, and however active they usually are.

Award Winning!

In spring 2023 Active Teams won the Bristol Life Health and Wellbeing Award 2023, a wonderful recognition of the progress we've made, and continue to make, towards creating healthier employees and stronger teams. 

The judges said "In 2022, Active Teams launched a new scalable employee activity platform keeping teams across the region happy and healthy. An impressive 132% client increase and rapid rise – keeping Bristol onside and active!”

How Our Challenges Move People

Our 'Hit the Big Time' challenge just achieved a 309% boost in activity across 50% of employees at digital agency 'true'.