Active Teams harnesses the power of exercise to create healthier employees and stronger organisations.

Healthier Employees

Active Teams promotes physical activity and well-being among employees within organisations. Active employees take less sick leave and have improved mental health as well as being more creative and productive. It's your gateway to a healthier, more vibrant workplace.

This innovative platform sparks a spirit of friendly competition and camaraderie by encouraging colleagues to move more and get active together. Working with leading activity tracking system Strava, Active Teams transforms employees daily exercise with the goal of hitting an Active Score of 150 – matching the NHS' and WHO's recommendation of 150 minutes of activity per week.

Our programme of challenges and team competitions motivate and push employees to raise their ambitions and achieve new goals. Employees frequently increase their activity levels by up to 450% through our customised challenges. 

More Resilient Organisations

Healthier employees result in lower staff absence rates. Some of our customers achieve an absence rate 73% below the national average, lowering their costs and reclaiming thousands in lost value.

Employees can take part and enjoy Active Teams wherever they live and work. Active Teams is super accessible and designed for employees at all activity levels. We celebrate any and all types of exercise, whether it's walking, running, working out or cycling. In fact with Active Teams, every move counts!

But Active Teams isn't just about improving health and lowering costs – it's about building stronger connections, boosting morale, and making wellness a cornerstone of work culture.

Effective and Long-Lasting Change

Our activity and exercise challenges are exceptionally effective at motivating employees and teams to move more.

By creating and managing a programme of challenges and initiatives, customised to individual organisations, we're able to effect long-term increases in staff exercise and activity of up to 400%!

Active Teams Is...



"We introduced Active Teams a year ago and I can safely say it has changed our organisation. We have been able to connect employees across the UK through exercise, participate in fun challenges, and keep our employees active. Active Teams has fantastic ideas for our organisation."

- Laura Johnson, Global People Manager at DNV


Highly Inclusive

"Active Teams has been invaluable at helping us provide a positive health and wellbeing focus for our employees. I love that every single person can take part in a positive way, however senior they are and whatever their previous experience of ‘exercise’ may have been."

- Rich McCloskey, Managing Director at true digital



"At Six we believe that our mental and physical health impact everything we do, and Active Teams helps us make both our number one priority. As well as getting us moving through fantastic activity challenges, Active Teams has organised employee Couch to 5K groups and given us the confidence to enter a team into the Great Bristol Run (where we even collected some silverware!!)"

- Ruth Clarke, Partner at Six



"Active Teams has been invaluable at helping us provide a positive health and wellbeing focus for our employees. Active Teams helps us send a clear message that as a company, we encourage and endorse activity and exercise as the best way to maintain and improve our health. Our activity challenge before Christmas really brought out the competitive side of some of our staff and was a great way to keep us focused on moving! Looking forward to lots more."

- Victoria James, HR Director at Great State

Why Our Members Love Us

Yes, we're incredibly effective at motivating employees to move more. But our customers love us because of how we achieve our results:

Seamless Platform: Our Active Teams platform has analysed well over 100,000 employee activities and exercises. We are powered by Strava, a safe, reliable, and free activity tracking service.

Communication Experts: Our clients are busy people, so we go out of our way to make their lives easier. From simple onboarding and rollout to launch campaigns and bespoke videos and assets, we help promote activity and well-being to employees.

Fantastic Return on Investment: An investment in health is an investment in success. Through increases in productivity, savings from reduced sick leave, and improved staff retention, our members experience an estimated ROI of up to 312%.

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