Swimming Techniques for Beginners and Improvers

In recent years, extra-curricular swimming lessons have become increasingly popular for kids, leaving some parents feeling like they're left "in the water" when it comes to their children's swimming skills. Whether you swim regularly or occasionally, it's beneficial to revisit the fundamentals of proper swimming technique.

Improving your swimming technique is a continuous journey that requires attention to detail and practice. By focusing on body position, arm stroke, kicking technique, and breathing, you can enhance your overall swimming efficiency and enjoyment.


Body Position and Reducing Drag

To enhance your swimming technique, prioritize maintaining a parallel body position with the water's surface. This helps minimize drag and allows for smoother movement through the water. A streamlined body alignment reduces resistance and improves overall efficiency and speed.


Arm Stroke Technique

Your arm stroke plays a crucial role in propelling you forward. Focus on developing a high elbow catch, which allows for a powerful pull. This technique maximizes the surface area of your hand, increasing your stroke's effectiveness.


Kicking Technique

Efficient kicking is essential for maintaining balance, stability, and propulsion in the water. Proper kicking involves generating power from your hips, keeping your legs long, and maintaining a streamlined position. Kicking from the hips and allowing your legs to act as strong propellers helps to drive you forwards more strongly.


Breathing Technique

Breathing correctly while swimming is crucial for maintaining rhythm and endurance. Focus on exhaling steadily underwater, clearing your lungs before quickly inhaling when your face emerges from the water for a smooth and continuous breathing pattern.


Seek Guidance

Don't hesitate to seek expert help in improving your swimming technique. Adult swimming classes, available across the UK, cater to beginners and those looking to enhance their skills. These classes provide professional guidance and support, helping you refine your technique and achieve your swimming goals.

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