Try a New Adventure Near You

While routines and habits are good at keeping us true to the physical activities we want to do, mixing things up can also help to keep things exciting.

Trying out new adventures with friends and family can also be a great way of finding new active pursuits. Here are a few ideas to help inspire you through the seasons!


Wake up your walks

Walking is a great activity which is accessible to lots of people, and super healthy. But it is easy to do the same walks again and again. Why not try:

  • A night walk with a group of friends. You can aim for a high and dark location and try some star gazing too. Don’t forget your binoculars and you could download a star map before you leave.
  • Geocaching, "The world’s largest treasure hunt” is sure to have some spots near you and excite people young and old. You’ll need the Geocache app (and sometimes some hunting determination!) to get started.
  • Plan a scavenger hunt. Well planned scavenger hunts for adults or children can be brilliant team building experiences, or even parties. Get some ideas on GooseChase.
  • Or just see how far you can walk in a day! Or find the highest hill nearby to climb for the view.

Eat Out

Eating outside is a joy that many of us save for the summer months, but given a dry day it can be the focal point for a great mini-adventure at any time of year.

  • A summer or winter barbeque can be a great experience if you find a beautiful and suitable spot. In colder months, why not try frying up bacon or mushrooms for sarnies halfway through a walk, ideally at the top of a big climb or on the beach. Just don’t forget the ketchup or brown sauce!
  • Foraging can be a brilliant focus for an outing into nature. You’ll need to do some research first though! There are lots of online guides, here are a couple from the Woodland Trust and BBC Countryfile. Please don’t eat anything you’re not sure about though!
  • Or keep it simple and just take a packed lunch, some hot chocolate or a flask of soup on a chilly day somewhere lovely.

Go Nature Spotting

Whether it’s bluebells in the spring or turning leaves in the autumn, there are many amazing natural events to watch throughout the seasons in the UK which are worth leaving home for. Here are a few:


Take To the Water

Wild swimming has grown in popularity over recent years, and for good reason! People who do it find it invigorating and uplifting. Some people continue into the winter months, often wearing wetsuits and woolly hats. If you’re going to start, do think about safety in regard to what to wear, water cleanliness and water safety such as depth and spotting rip tides. This is a useful guide to How to stay safe whilst wild swimming 

Stand Up Paddle Boarding has also increased in popularity in the UK enormously. If you’re sensible there’s no reason not to do it in the colder months too. The RNLI have written useful safety guidelines for SUPing.

Cycle Touring

A bike is a great way to go on an adventure big or small! From forests to rivers and cycle paths, you’re never too far away from somewhere great to explore on two wheels. Check out these county and area cycling guides, some great winter bike rides and inspiration for bigger cycling adventures!

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