Bristol Digital And Tech Runners

We are a group of friendly runners who go for a social jog around Bristol's wonderful harbour each Wednesday lunchtime at 12.30 from the Lloyd's amphitheatre. It's an opportunity to get away from our desks, get some air, and get to know some other people in the tech industry in Bristol. 

We're a super friendly bunch, if you're self-employed or full time - everyone is welcome, whatever aspect of digital and tech you work in and wherever you work.

Our pace is gentle, it normally takes around 30 minutes to do the 5km loop around the harbour. Nobody gets left behind - ever! It's totally free and we go for a coffee afterwards at the Society café.

Send us your details below to join up.

Join Us

If you would like to join us each Wednesday at the harbour, send us your name, email and mobile number and we'll add you to our WhatsApp group.

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