Welcome To Active Teams

Join Active Teams for free and you'll learn about the amazing physical and mental health benefits that come from regular movement.

We'll help you measure and understand how active you actually are and whether you're active enough to enjoy these benefits.

You'll be able to see how active your colleagues are and take part in regular challenges and competitions. Learn how you can join and set up Active Teams below.

Setting Up Active Teams

STEP ONE - Sign up to Active Teams

Sign up to Active Teams with the unique activation code above. If you don't know your activation code, use your company name instead. 

STEP TWO - Create a free Strava account

You collect and record your activities using Strava.com. Strava has great apps for Apple and Android phones and connects with most wearables like Apple Watch and Garmin watches.

It's important to check your Strava privacy settings, please read our guide. 

STEP THREE - Connect Strava to Active Teams

You will need to authorise Strava to give Active Teams access to your data. You can do this from your Active Teams account page, by clicking on the orange 'Connect with Strava' button.

You can revoke our access to your Strava data anytime from 'My Apps' in your Strava settings.

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