Increasing Employee Activity & Wellbeing by 325%

true are a 30 strong Bristol agency that delivers long-term strategic growth through immediate and impactful brand experiences, marketing communication and digital products. true have won many awards for their work with clients such as Aardman and UK Sport. 

During the pandemic, true's employees quickly and effectively embraced remote working. The leadership team had always placed great value on the wellbeing of their employees, but recognised that greater remote working was presenting new challenges for employee health and wellbeing.

These new challenges needed new solutions to help true support their staff to remain healthy, happy and effective.


This is when Active Teams stepped in, based on our experience of encouraging employees to embrace activity as the most effective way to improve health and wellbeing.

Personalised Activity Platform

Central to our approach is where employees track their active achievements and learn about their own activity habits and the miraculous benefits of regular activity.

Our activity and movement challenges bring just the right level of fun and engaging competition to nudge employees to add more activity into their lives. 

Our personalised company pages bring employees together, helping them build closer relationships with colleagues. We celebrate individual and collective active achievements, alongside education, encouragement and positive messaging.

Culture Of Activity

Active Teams brings a continuity which fosters a more active and health focused company culture, even with more remote employees.

Quarterly true active challenges are extremely successful at boosting activity levels and are a repeatable opportunity to reengage existing or new employees.

Active Teams is a launchpad to regular team building initiatives. true have a weekly lunchtime running group and regular fun taster sessions (anyone for stand-up up paddle-boarding or roller skating?). In April a 15 strong team undertook a 56-mile cycling sportive around Somerset, followed by a well-deserved pub lunch.

Our Results

50% Employee Engagement

With true, we achieve a consistent 42% active employees using Active Teams, rising to 50% during challenges and initiatives.

We consider engaged employees to be employees who have recorded at least one activity within a calendar month.

325% Increase In Staff Activity

In July, true's active employees achieved an average of 239 minutes of activity per week. This puts them 89 minutes above the NHS and WHO target of 150 minutes or more moderate activity per week.

Our latest activity challenge saw an increase in staff activity levels of 325% (based on total active time). 

World Health Organisation data tells us that consistently achieving 150 minutes or more moderate activity per week is the simplest and most effective way to reduce risks from many serious illnesses, improve our physical health and our mental wellbeing.

Richard McCloskey, Managing Director, true

"Active Teams is now a core part of the culture of true. We have all become much more active-minded and better at fitting activity and exercise into our lives. I love that everyone at true can join in, whatever their seniority and previous experience of activity. It has certainly helped all of our health and wellbeing and encouraged stronger connections across our teams."

Award Winning!

In spring 2023 Active Teams won the Bristol Life Health and Wellbeing Award 2023, a wonderful recognition of the progress we've made, and continue to make, towards creating healthier employees and stronger teams. 

The judges said "In 2022, Active Teams launched a new scalable employee activity platform keeping teams across the region happy and healthy. An impressive 132% client increase and rapid rise – keeping Bristol onside and active!”

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