Welcome to Active Teams

Hello and welcome

Active Teams is about helping people like you to bring more activity into their daily lives. Many of us in today’s world are paid to sit and work for hours at a time and it’s easy to forget that, like dogs, we need to be walked to remain healthy!

By learning how much activity we do, how much activity the people around us do, and setting goals to become more Active we can improve our physical and mental wellbeing in multiple ways.

We won’t ask you to run a 10k. We won’t ask you to do any thing you’re uncomfortable with. We will ask you to do 5 minutes more activity a day than you’re doing now. And if you want to run a 5k or a 10k one day, that’s brilliant.

Who is Active Teams for!

  • If you’re not very Active at present – Active Teams is for you!
  • If you do a bit of exercise already – Active Teams is for you!
  • If you’ve just booked onto a Tough Mudder, an Iron Man or a triathlon – Active Teams is still for you!
  • If you have a disability, experience back pain or are pregnant – Active Teams is for you!

Your Active Team

The Our Active Team page is your very own company activity dashboard which shows your company and employee's progress on the path towards better health and wellbeing. 

See if you can get any higher in your team’s Active Score table – but don’t worry if you aren’t in the top, or even the top half of the table. It’s not really a competition, it’s all about trying to help you reach that magic 150 minutes per week and exceed it if you can!

My Progress

The My Progress page is an employee's personal Active dashboard. As a member, you can see your own activities and your current Active Score, which is your average number of Active minutes across the month.

You can see how it’s changing month by month to keep track of your progress. This data updates when you log new activities, so if your Active Score is looking lower than you’d like, just get your trainers and log some more activity! Kitchen discos, brisk walks and gardening can all count – you just need to raise your heart rate, making yourself breathe faster and feel warmer.

A level playing field

All activity is beneficial to our health. We’ve designed Active Teams to be a level playing field in regards peoples’ fitness. It’s based on the minutes of activity that you do, rather than how far or fast you are.

Using Active Minutes means you'll get the same respect whether you go for a 30 minute walk, workout, swim or yoga session.

We set the target of 150 minutes of moderate activity each week, in line with the NHS’ recommendation for adults in order to maintain a healthy body and reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke.

Of course, please speak to your GP first if you have not exercised for some time, or if you have medical conditions or concerns.