Peak Performer: Graham Faiz

Among our recent Peak Performers on Active Teams is Graham Faiz, Head of Digital Energy at DNV, the independent expert in assurance and risk management. 

Graham typically achieves an Active Score of around 500, putting him 350 points above the NHS goal of 150 minutes of activity per week. Graham hits this impressive number mainly by commuting by bike and in the first few months of 2024 he's ridden an impressive 730 miles! Find Graham on Strava

We asked Graham how he stays so active and for any tips and insights on maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle in the workplace.


What drives you to stay active?

Physical health and mental well-being. Dedicating focus time to be "disconnected" in an increasingly connected world.


Do you have any tips or advice?

For me, building my activities around my working routine has helped enormously; I am inspired and encouraged to attend the office regularly as a result. I also enjoy the Active Teams challenges (thanks Graham!), which help stimulate healthy discussion and friendly competition around the workplace!


How do you stay active?

I have built my activity around my working life - as a full-time office attendee, I enjoy integrating my cycling and running regime into my daily commute.


What benefits have you experienced?

Increased focus; increased well-being; sense of achievement; focus on sustaining fitness and health.


What do you find challenging?

I am lucky that I have no real challenges at the moment - other than the British weather and shorter daylight during the winter months!


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