Peak Performer: Sophie Steele

Our latest Active Teams Peak Performers is Sophie Steele, Strategic Product Manager Solvents at Banner Chemicals. Founded in 1860, Banner supplies an extensive range of solvents and specialty chemicals to a variety of market sectors.

Sophie is incredibly consistent and typically achieves an Active Score of around 450, putting her 300 points above the NHS goal of 150 minutes of activity per week. Sophie hits this impressive number mainly by working out, playing netball and lots of walking. Find Sophie on Strava

We asked Sophie how she stays so active and for any tips and insights on maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle in the workplace.


What drives you to stay active?

The more active I am, the better I feel both mentally and physically and the happier and more productive I feel in general in both my work and personal life.

I like setting myself challenges and targets when it comes to exercise and I find this helps motivate me. I'm keen for my two teenage children to see me active and enjoying exercise in the hope it encourages them to continue their sporting activities into adulthood.


Do you have any tips or advice?

Exercise doesn’t have to be just "going to the gym", there are so many different ways to get fit and for it to be enjoyable. Say "yes" to anything and everything to find out what you enjoy. Be brave! Try something new or suggest to a friend or family member to try something.

My Boxfit coach has been telling me for ages to go to Yoga and I fell into the trap of saying “but its not really me…” I have now done a few sessions and I am really enjoying it!


How do you stay active?

I have a Sproodle (Springer/Poodle) who loves walks! He gets walked three times a day and whether it’s a trot round the block, a park walk chasing squirrels (the dog) or a trip to the beach, I find all of these relaxing and a chance to unwind and clear my mind. My early morning walk is my favourite. It sets me up for the day. Even when the rain is coming down sideways, we are still out.

I enjoy Boxfit and Circuit classes in the evenings and I have just started yoga at work on a Thursday lunch time.


Have you tried anything new?

Just over two years ago I decided to go "Back To Netball". It had been thirty years since I played at school but I really wanted to go back to playing a team sport. I found myself enjoying it so much, I joined a club and in my second year captained our team.

I have made so many lovely friends and learnt lots! We train for two hours on a Monday evening and matches are once a week. I play Centre or Wing Attack (I am not very tall) so these positions suit me as I just get to run around non stop for 40 minutes!


What benefits have you experienced?

Improved fitness levels and a sense of achievement when I've set myself a target. I've also experienced improved mental health, satisfaction from learning new skills and making new friends.


What do you find challenging?

The biggest challenge is fitting everything in whilst working full time and ferrying the kids about! When my kids were very young, I use to find the best option was to exercise during my lunch break.


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