Umme Salma Bibi, Peak Performer

Among our recent Peak Performers on Active Teams is Umme Salma Bibi, a Counsellor in training & CYP well-being practitioner at Invictus Wellbeing, a charity which supports and improves the mental health and well-being of children and young people across West Yorkshire.

We asked Umme how she stays so active and if she has any tips and insights on maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle in the workplace.


What drives you to stay active?

Staying active is a form of self-care for me - it’s a way of saying thank you to my body and what it allows me to experience every single day.

As an avid user of social media, I am aware of how bodies are referenced to what they look like, the ideal body type etc. but staying active helps me appreciate that my body does so much more for me!

Being active helps me decompress the daily stresses of life and has supported my mental well-being more than anything.


Do you have any tips or advice?

Meet yourself where you are at - staying active should be something you do out of love. There will be days when you're too busy to be active the way you feel you ‘need to’, but even 15 minutes of walking a day will refresh you.

So don’t beat yourself up about not completing a full workout or making it to the gym. The process is not linear and that’s okay - enjoy the ups and use the downs as fuel to come back better :)


How do you stay active?

I enjoy swimming as a full body workout - it’s also a cortisol-lowering sport which I thoroughly require as a stress head. I also go to the gym and lift weights as hitting new PR’s is so fun for me.


What benefits have you experienced?

Improved psychological well-being, weight loss, muscle gain, improved menstrual cycle, good mood & discipline!


What do you find challenging?

I definitely feel that having a jam packed schedule deters me from reaching my fitness goals, but I’ve been trying to shift my perspective and think about what I can do instead of what I can’t.

A lack of motivation is completely normal and renewing my intentions for staying active helps to ground me in the moment. Having an awareness of my hormones and menstrual cycle has allowed me to appreciate that showing up will look different every day - it’s natural and I’ve learnt to use it to my advantage now.


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